Working Together to Strengthen Our Community

The Glinn Family

As a long-time resident of the Village of Miami Shores, I know that we must think big in order to achieve the great things that the Village deserves. I love the Shores as they are, and I appreciate all the hard work and commitment that helped create the community that I know and love, but I still think we can do even better!

From leveraging cutting edge tools to maximize the effectiveness of our police force and increase public safety; to building a Downtown that we can be proud of for our residents; to using my professional expertise to guide the critical infrastructure projects that will shape our community for the next 30 years. I believe that I can provide the progressive leadership, vision and the practical skills that will help shape an even brighter tomorrow for our Village. Throughout my professional career I have prided myself on my ability to create collaborative environments and getting diverse stakeholders to work towards a common goal, and I welcome the opportunity to do so for our Village.

As a husband, dad, and businessman, I am committed to making Miami Shores an even safer, more vital, and more prosperous community, while at the same time promoting civility and collaboration on our Council. We can look forward, together, to a better and brighter Miami Shores.

Miami Shores Wins With Glinn!

  • Downtown Proud

    The Village of Miami Shores is an incredible place to raise a family, with recreational options for our families and tree-lined, residential neighborhoods that are second to none. The next, natural step is to create a vibrant downtown that attracts more neighborhood businesses and restaurants for Villagers to enjoy. As your councilmember, I will launch an initiative that aims to revitalize our downtown in a smart and balanced way, collaborating with property owners and existing businesses to understand what we can do to facilitate the creation of a downtown that our residents want to be a part of. Downtown Proud will bring together our residents and stakeholders so our Council and the community can chart a path forward together.

  • Strengthening Public Safety

    Strengthening public safety for all our residents is something that our Village Council must tackle aggressively. I believe we must focus our efforts on cutting-edge practices and to make technology investments so we can continue to provide the safest possible environment for Village residents and visitors. We must also be forward thinking and strengthen our partnerships with neighboring communities and the County to better address issues of crime from the root of the problem. I will work closely with Village staff – including our police force – to ensure that they have the resources they need to effectively do their job and also look to other larger municipalities for tools and best practices that we can leverage for the benefit of our community.

  • Trusted Leadership Focused on Building Smart

    Miami Shores is about to embark on two of the most important capital construction projects in its history. First there is the much-needed downtown sewer project (ultimately funded by downtown property owners but bonded by the Village), which is already funded and soon to start. Secondly, there is the equally-needed new community center project, which is in the earliest planning phases. Each of these projects will be very important to meeting not only our community’s future growth, but also our current critical needs. My professional expertise – both in construction and the practice of law – has uniquely prepared me to help guide the Council and support our staff through these challenging projects. If elected, I will use that expertise to help make sure that these infrastructure projects are completed on time and in cost-effective fashion. More importantly, during the construction phase, I will work to make sure that any impacts to residents and businesses are minimized.

  • A Stronger Miami Shores

    We all moved to Miami Shores because of what it is today: a beautiful city of tree-lined streets, with a strong sense of community, a strong and capable police force, in close proximity to some of the most vibrant parts of South Florida, and with an incredible variety of recreational and educational opportunities available to our families of the highest quality. As your councilman, I will listen closely to our residents for ways that our Village can even better serve our diverse and dynamic community and stay focused on looking for opportunities that make Miami Shores a stronger place to live. We are all one community, with one common goal: to make Miami Shores the best possible home for all.